Brunch in Paris

Hoct&Loca, Paris first chocolate bar, that’s also the chocolatiest Brunch!

Offered 7 days a week, the weekend (and bank holiday) version comes with in an « all-you-can-eat » buffet. The weekday version is just as gourmand and diverse, with each side dishes served directly at the table by our choco-experts.

On the menu, a formula in three successive steps: first the main dish, that you get to choose among three choices. Then the side dishes, let you add your choices of salad, cold cuts, terrines, or cheese. At last, the chocolate conclusion… that starts with a chocolate tasting involving each one of our six chocolates. Select your two preferred one and we will prepare them for you as a hot chocolate, coffee, or we’ll simply serve it to you in a bowl so that you can dip your fruits, croissants or waffle in it!

A sweet and tasty experience that will make you melt …

expérience chocolat à Paris