Brunch every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

We can accommodate large groups of up to 40 people.

The art of savouring
the most chocolatey brunch in Paris

  • le brunch le plus chocolaté de Paris
  • le brunch le plus chocolaté de Paris
  • le brunch le plus chocolaté de Paris
  • le brunch le plus chocolaté de Paris

A menu that changes
with the seasons

At Hoct&Loca, every season brings its own tasty flavours, offering an exciting opportunity to create exceptional, constantly evolving culinary experiences.

Whether you visit spring, summer, fall or winter, there’s always something new to discover.

All-inclusive brunch? Or a la carte?
You win either way.

All inclusive brunch

Starting at 20 €

Our three-course brunch is made especially for foodies and starts with a main dish accompanied by a vegetarian or local side dish of your choice. This is followed by a tasting of 6 different chocolates to help you pick your favourite  flavour profile. The chosen chocolate(s) will be prepared and served to you as a hot drink, in a ramekin with fresh fruit and pastries, or drizzled over ice cream – the choice is yours! (Add a second chocolate treat for an additional 3€ )

Brunch a la carte (one bite at a time)

Choose from an exquisite selection of sweet and savoury dishes, including vegan and gluten-free options, fresh fruit juices, pastries, seasonal fruits and, last but not least, a variety of decadent chocolate treats.

How to enjoy our
all-inclusive brunch

Step 1 - Choose your main dish

Turn your meal into
an all-inclusive brunch

For just €13 more
Step 2 - Choose my drink

Our drinks

Start your brunch off right with fresh squeezed orange or apple juice, tea or coffee.
Step 3 - The sides

Sides menu

At Hoct&Loca, the sides play a starring role in our ALL-INCLUSIVE BRUNCH. Every main dish is accompanied by savoury sides
(salads, cheeses, cold cuts, etc.) and sweet sides (mini-croissant, min-waffles, mini-pancakes and fresh fruit).
Step 4 - Time to sample our chocolates
The best way to choose your favourite chocolate is to try them all. Discover 6 unique flavour profiles and select your favourite chocolates
An intense, elegant chocolate
An exotic, surprising chocolate
A velvety, balanced chocolate
A fruity, acidic chocolate
An elegant, decadent chocolate
An authentic, creamy chocolate
Step 5 - Turn your favourite chocolate into a special treat wit the ALL-INCLUSIVE BRUNCH.
You can even add a second chocolate treat for 3€ more.
Choose from:
Hot chocolate
30g of chocolate, 20g of milk and a whisk is all you need to create the perfect hot chocolate.
Chocolate cappuccino
One cappuccino with 30g of chocolate equals true bliss.
Chocolate ramekin
A ramekin filled with 30g of dipping chocolate served with pastries, fruit, a mini waffle and mini pancake.
Dipped ice cream cone
100% natural homemade Magnum-style vanilla ice cream dipped in the chocolate of your choice.
Kid’s special

Brunch for kids

Only €16
Breakfast muffin, mini-waffle, mini-pancake and fresh fruits. Plus, a choice of chocolate sauces for dipping.
14 years and under

Get a delicious chocolate fondue!

5 all-inclusive brunches
= one exceptional gift

We’ll give the organizer of any group that orders 5 or more all-inclusive brunches a delicious chocolate fondue to go (250g).

That means you can recreate the Hoct&Loca fondue experience at home with the chocolate of your choice. Don’t miss this opportunity to combine the pleasures of brunch with our melted chocolatey goodness. Reserve today and treat yourself.

What our customers have to say

in Paris 2024
  • Lucie Deguilhem
    “Great brunch in a nice part of Paris. We opted for several savoury dishes: the salmon waffles were just as delicious as the cheesy toast. We sampled chocolates in different flavours and textures. The small bowls of melted chocolate were perfect for dipping our fruits and pastries. And the homemade juice was fresh and tasty.”
  • Nina Bonhomme
    A real PLEASURE. We had booked for brunch at 10:30, so we were seated straight away. The service was super fast and friendly, and we were well guided through the various chocolate tastings.
  • Benoit Chapuis
    Chocolate-themed restaurant: delicious, fun and very good. There were 3 of us with the brunch package. A drink, a dish with a side dish, and 2 sweet experiences with the chocolate chosen with the presentation and tasting. The ice cream cone with the chocolate coating of your choice was top notch. We had a great time, the service is friendly and good. Loyalty programme available
  • Trafalgar Square
    Lovely waiters and very good desserts!
  • Raphael Maurin
    Perfect for a snack break!
  • Sarah Tournemine
    A warm welcome, a smile, good food and lots of veggie ideas.
  • Sam JMR
    My daughter treated us to brunch there on Mother's Day. What an incredible experience! The staff are incredibly friendly and pleasant. The brunch was simply delicious. We loved everything about it. Thank you all for a wonderful experience.
  • Conny Nyberg
    The best café crème in Paris. Café Illy.
  • Andy Felsina
    Very good, very good products, excellent service and friendly staff.
  • Emilie Hof
    Great time! I came for brunch and was optimistic that I'd be able to finish it all, but I wasn't, so you get what you pay for. What's more, the little salad with the hummus made me love beetroot again. I loved the brioche perdue, so I came back the following week to eat one again. I'd like to give a special mention to Marwan who was great with the service (even though all the waiters were really cool in general) and who kindly gave us the ice creams included in the brunch that we hadn't been able to get due to lack of time the week before. In short, I recommend +++.
  • Priscillia
    A very welcoming place, delicious chocolate and very pleasant facilities!
  • Solène Cambazard
    Great brunch place near Châtelet, booking is possible. The menu costs around €30 at weekends, depending on the dish you choose. You can sit out on the terrace. It was very good and I find the concept very interesting. I chose the savoury waffle (salmon, avocado, parmesan) with the local duo on the side (ham, comté). We were also served pastries (including mini waffles/pancakes) and fruit. We were then invited to taste 6 different chocolates; we had to select two and choose how to eat them (chocolate drink, ice cream or in a ramekin). I chose Dulce de leche and Noisetté33, one in hot chocolate and one in a ramekin to dip the pastries in.
  • Thom
    Very nice. Exquisite hot chocolates. We came with my partner and discovered the place by chance. Incredible from the welcome to the tasting.
  • Marion Lamirand
    The brunch is very hearty, we had a lovely time, very friendly staff. I would recommend
  • Paul-Marie Fauquenot
    Great time and great brunch at Hoct & Loca! We'll be back!
  • Jonhatan Berthon
    Very good brunch formula Impeccable staff and service
  • De Gerauvilliers Claude
    Always a friendly welcome! Pleasant terrace on the pedestrianised street, top quality hot chocolate and ice cream!????☀️
  • Margot Lemarie
    Super good chocolate, very hearty brunch
  • Gaspard Martin Bourguignon
    Well-worked products, beautiful presentation and friendly, fast staff. I recommend ????.
  • Stephanie
    Super welcome Delicious chocolates. A great concept to enjoy without moderation... Well, almost !!!! Bravo

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